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Why take an 18:9 Screen ratio Smartphone?

Jun 20, 2019

The popularity of 18:9 aspect ratio phones have grown exponentially in the past few years, and most of the smartphone manufacturers have started integrating it in their product design. As compared to the earlier 16:9 smartphone display, the 18:9 aspect ratio phones are sleeker in its appearance.
Before we get into the advantages of this design, let us try to understand what the 18:9 screen aspect ratio really means.

What is screen aspect ratio?

First of all, it is important not to confuse screen aspect ratio with display size. The display size is measured diagonally across the screen. Most phones available these days measure between 5.5” to 6”.
To understand screen aspect ratio you need to hold your phone in landscape mode, and compare the ratio of its width with its height, excluding the measurements of bezels and top & bottom sides.
So, the 18:9 screen aspect ratio eventually comes out to be 2:1, this really means that the width of the phone is twice the height. And in comparing with the traditional 16:9 design phones, the 18:9 aspect ratio phones are taller, rather than being wider.

Benefits of 18:9 aspect ratio

More screen space

When you compare an 18:9 aspect ratio phone with the older 16:9 traditional design, you will see a marked difference between them. The bezels on the sides, as well as the top and bottom of the phone, are slimmer in the 18:9 ratio phone.
The profound benefit in an 18:9 ratio smartphone is that, while the overall size of the phone may remain the same as the 16:9 ratio phones, the space occupied by the screen is larger than that in the traditional design.

Easier to hold

Whether you have small or large hands, the narrow design of an 18:9 aspect ratio phone allows you to grip it more securely. This design makes the phone easier to hold without disturbing the display size.

Fits more Content

Whether you are scrolling through the user interface, reading a book or blog or checking out a website, with the 18:9 screen aspect ratio, you can fit more content in the same frame.
With a larger screen space, you can also fit more app icons on the home screen of your smartphone, which you can reach without having to scroll too much.

Improved multitasking

The 18:9 ratio makes it easier for you to multitask on your phone. You no longer need to switch between two apps, you can simply put your phone on landscape mode and the 18:9 will split into two perfect halves, on which you can use two apps simultaneously.

Enhanced Video & gaming experience

The 18:9 aspect ratio is said to be closer to the common aspect ratio for different video formats (like Online videos, TV shows, movies etc), because of which you can watch wide videos without any cropping. Also, while gaming on an 18:9 screen phone, you get more space on the screen for controls.

Viewing experience on the Gome C7 & C7-Note

Gome mobiles have also integrated the 18:9 screen aspect ratio in their product designs, and have included this structure for both of its new models i.e. the Gome C7 & the Gome C7-Note.
The Gome C7 has a 13.84 cm (5.45) screen, while the screen size of the C7-Note is 15.2 cm (5.99). The phones are equipped with an HD+ full-screen display, which assures a perfect viewing experience whether you are playing a game or watching a video.
Staying true to Gome’s core values of providing cutting edge technology at competitive prices, both these phones, provide high-quality viewing experience and other amazing features, while still being priced at well below Rs. 10000.

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