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The Smartphones go smarter with data privacy

May 09, 2019

The Smartphones go smarter with data privacy

In the times that we live in, our phones, for all practical purposes are an extension of ourselves. With each passing day, our dependence on our smartphones is increasing both in our professional as well as our private lives.

It is futile to mention therefore that our smartphone holds a lot of information that is either professionally confidential or private in nature. And with so much news about data theft and breach of privacy through the medium of mobile phones, users are becoming more concerned about the security and privacy features in their smartphones.

Your smartphones may or may not have data that is professionally confidential, but every smartphone user has information in their phones that are personal and private in nature. These could be in the form of photographs, text and WhatsApp messages, and contact details among other. To protect your personal info from the prying eyes you need a smartphone that has inbuilt capabilities to protect your sensitive information.

There may be many brands in the market which boast about their security and privacy features, but Gome Smartphones are truly in a league of their own. Some great privacy features of Gome Smartphones are:

Hides Incoming caller Information – Powered by GOME OS 3.0 the FACE ME feature of this phone lets you hide the name and number of the incoming caller. The name & number will only be revealed when you use your face ID to see the details. This way you can take calls on your phone without revealing the identity and number of the caller to onlookers.

Keeps privacy of Messages & Notifications intact – The FACE-ME feature also allows you to hide the content of your private messages and notifications when the screen is locked. Only when you yourself unlock the phone can the content of messages & notification be seen.

Protects your image gallery – The ME-KEY feature of this phone gives you control over what others can see on your phone gallery. A small button on the left of the phone freezes the picture that is visible on the screen, and the rest of the pictures can only be scrolled when authorized by your face ID.

Face Recognition & Fingerprint Sensors – Rather than just locking your phone with a passcode, theGome C7 Notegives you options between using fingerprint sensors or the face recognition technology. Fingerprint sensors and Face recognition make life easy, as you will no longer have the fear of forgetting your passcode. You can unlock your phone with a simple glance.

Gome Smartphones give you the complete authority over your personal info, and for good reason, it is often called the #MostPrivateSmartPhone. But it is not just the security features that make Gome Smartphones great. Other features offered in their affordable smartphones such as the C7 Note include a 13MP + 5 MP dual Rear cameras & a 5MP Front Camera and is also equipped with a big screen which is 15.2 cm (5.99) and has an 18:9 aspect ratio. C7 Note is powered by a 2.0 GHz Octa-Core Processor and has a 3500 mAh polymer battery. This phone comes in two variants which are 16 GB & 32 GB and has a 3 GB RAM. Along with the smart security factor and other amazing features, the Gome C7 Note is priced at well below Rs. 10000.

Apart from buying a phone that has good privacy features, there are a handful of things that you can do yourself to protect your phone.

Keep device sound low – Cell phones make a lot of sounds that easily catch unwarranted attention. Strangers can hear you typing a text message, watching a video and they understand the notification sounds, which may attract attention. Therefore, when you are in a public place, it is advisable to keep the device volume low and use earbuds for watching videos or listening to music. You should also avoid taking calls on the speakerphone in public places.

Use tracking App – If you think that your phone is being snooped upon, there are apps you can use, that give you a full log of activities being done from your phone (Like calls sent and received, web activity & text messages etc). If you witness some unusual activities, you can quickly take corrective action to protect your private information.

Keep your phone locked – We often become complacent and leave our smartphones unlocked for long periods of time. This can seriously compromise the security of your phones as anyone can pick up your phone and access your sensitive information.  

With phones like the Gome C7 and C7 Note you can manage the security of your smartphones effectively, but a little more awareness and effort can go a long way in ensuring your phones security and privacy.


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