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GOME Mobiles: The best budget smartphones in India

Apr 14, 2019

Not long ago, we used to have landline telephones as a single point communication hub. There was also a time when pagers became a rage amongst the youth. Then came mobile phones, which were basic, but highly priced. However, the difference between the recent past and the present is incredibly vast. The rise of smart technology fueled by the internet revolution has left behind the general pace of evolution by miles. Nowadays, smartphones are a cornerstone of our daily lives. We call, we eat, we socialize, we finance, we enjoy and we learn through our smartphones.

Why do we need budget smartphones?

While technologies have advanced, inclusive growth still eludes the Indian economy, giving society a diverse character. This behavior of the economy also leads to a diversity of demands, which makes decision-making difficult for smartphone makers. The question rests between providing the best, at a reasonable price, but price and quality have been directly proportional till now. As a solution to this dilemma, the optimization of technologies has resulted in the birth of the budget phones. The Indian smartphone market is now flooded with budget phones. All the brands, from high-end bracket to the indigenous ones, are trying to achieve control over the budget phone market. Most people want to have the best at a lesser price and budget smartphones have become the top choice for them.

The best is here

After the tremendous success in the electrical appliances and home electronics segment, technological giant GOME has started smartphone manufacturing business. GOME Mobiles is a part of the GOME business group. In 2016, GOME forayed in the telecom business by acquiring Zhejiang Techain Electronics Technology Co. Ltd, a mobile phone manufacturer, with a decade of experience in global & Indian market. India is the first overseas market, that GOME has entered with budget mobile phones under 10,000 rupees with tremendous features, and is already being said to be the best.

But what makes GOME Mobiles the best?

The features that GOME’s mobile phones offer are the reason why this brand is the very best among the budget phone rivals. The standout features of the GOME smartphones are quite exquisite, awesome, and numerous. Some exclusive features in the phone that boosts it to the top and make it the best budget smartphone under 10000 in the Indian market are:

    • The GOME Processor – Not many brands can provide as powerful a processing system as the GOME Mobiles does. The Octa-Core processor with 2.0 GHz clock speed is unimaginable for many to provide at such a low price range. With 2 GB RAM, the GOME system can be used for gaming, media playing, multi-tasking, and other gadget straining activities with ease, pace and accuracy.
  • The GOME OS –GOME mobiles has integrated a modified version of the Android 8.0 Oreo in the smartphone and has invested in developing an OS that matters for quality, reliability, style, and speed. This updated and exclusive OS is called the GOME OS 3.0, which has an outstanding feature – “FACE ME” that hides the personal data and keeps the privacy of the phone owner insured. It works in a specialised way; for instance the caller’s profile and number will only be visible to the phone owner and invisible to others. This is possible because the phone’s privacy is linked to “face recognition”. Information can be accessible only to the phone owner. Hence the privacy of your missed calls, your bank statements, your messages, and other personal information will remain safe. Another thing that makes this feature more useful is that it is also compatible with the lock screen notifications and the gallery. One has to only press shortcut key or the “ME key” on the left side of the phone and it will ensure that people see only the selected photo and do not get any access to browse the entire gallery. The ME Key button will allow you to lock a picture for display and stop others from swiping left to right in your gallery without your permission.
  • The Strong Battery: The power-packed battery of 3500 & 3000mAh in GOME C7 Note and C7 respectively, lets you enjoy your favourite apps without any break, on the go. The integration of GOME 0S’s machine learning optimization even helps save power
  • The Camera – The high end cameras and the quality of the pictures make GOME Mobiles the provider of the best budget camera phone. The 13 MP+5MP dual rear camera and the 5 MP front camera lets you take the best pictures ever. The phone has HDR features, bokeh mode, powerful flash, panorama and a very vivid selfie shooter.
  • All Endowed Stylish Mettle –. The vibrant screen with a nice rounded edged and strong casing makes the phone much more alluring and powerful.

The launch of the latest C7 series will definitely make GOME phones the best budget smartphone in India.

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