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Specifications that Boost the Performance of GOME C7 Note

Apr 14, 2019

Specifications that Boost the Performance of GOME C7 Note

GOME, with an aim to be among the best mobile brands in India, is coming up with an impressive category of smartphones with specifications which have garnered praise and attention of many buyers and smartphone analysts. It is launching its ‘C’ series smartphones in the budget category and the specifications provided in these devices are exceptional.

The C7 Note is one of the best smartphones under 10,000. It is a slightly upgraded version of the GOME C7. This is specially built for users who are looking for mobiles which can handle intensive usage like playing graphic heavy games, multitasking etc. Every user must check out this option as it provides assimilation of the best features in a single device and that too in an affordable price range.

Large Screen Display

GOME has listened to the users’ demands and has therefore provided a big 5.99 inch screen in the C7 Note smartphone. It also has the best HD+ screen resolution display in this price range, making it one of the best 18:9 screen phones.

The combination of this aspect ratio, large screen size, and HD+ screen resolution provides good viewing angles, bright display, and deep colors. Hence, stay rest assured of an immersive visual experience while watching your favourite web series or playing games in the best 6-inch screen mobile under 10,000 available.


The C7 Note provides the user with the maximum amount of RAM possible in this price range. Hence, it becomes a considerable option amongst the 3 GB RAM mobile under 10,000 category. With the help of this RAM, normal usage and multitasking becomes very smooth and fast. One does not have to deal with lags due to the adequate memory available and its proper management.

As the C7 Note is also a 6-inch mobile under 10,000, the user can play graphic-intensive games like PUBG without any glitches or lags. Even on long hours of gaming, the C7 note is limited to just a few minor drops in frames.

Fast Processor                                  

The GOME C7 note comes with an all-powerful Octa-core processor with a clock speed of 2 GHz. Along with the 3 GB RAM, this processor can run the device smoothly even when there are various applications running in the background.

This processor does not compromise on speed and works flawlessly even when the user is watching videos online, downloading large files or playing high-quality games, which in turn makes it one of the best smartphones in 10,000.

Long Battery Life

The GOME C7 Note comes with a 3500 mAh battery which is pretty decent at this price. The battery can easily last more than a day during standard usage and multitasking.

It can even support heavy-on-battery activities like video recording or gaming for long hours. Hence, even while having a large display, due to its long battery life, the GOME C7 Note can easily be claimed as one of the best 6-inch mobiles under 10,000.


The specifications provided in the GOME C7 Note have attracted a lot of attention due to the key factor of affordability. Although no benchmark scores have been released, it is expected that the C7 Note will perform exceptionally well among its competitors due to its all rounded performance.

The device also has an inbuilt fingerprint scanner. Its custom GOME OS 3.0 (hyperlinked to GOME OS Page) also takes privacy as its main concern and comes with a load of features to keep one’s details safe and secure.

Hence as one of the best smartphones under 10,000, the GOME C7 Note is bound to perform well in the smartphone segment and its success will be a breakthrough in the club of the best mobile brands in India.

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