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Gome gets a ‘Thumbs up’ from Youtubers

Jul 31, 2019

After the launch of Gome C7 & C7 Note in India, the brand has caught the eye of many Indian Youtube Vloggers. Many of the leading reviewers of smartphones have published unboxing and review video for both the Gome phones.

Be it the aesthetics of the phone or its specifications, many factors of the phones got rave reviews from the Vloggers. Some aspects that caught their attention were the design of the phone, the Gome OS & privacy features of Gome C7 Note.

One specification that got a lot of appreciation from the vlogger was the FACE ME feature which conceals messages, notifications & identity of callers from prying eyes of eavesdroppers and reveals them only when you authorise using the sophisticated face ID system in the phone.  Apart from this the vloggers also appreciated the competitive pricing of the phone & recognized the Reddot Award-winning Gome OS.

Let us see what the Youtube Vloggers had to say:

Gogi Tech

The Unbiased BlogTV

Gadget World 360


Review on Gome C7

Review on Gome C7 Note

Tephas Mobile Tips

RK fun time

Tech Mastero

Being Techie

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