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GOME C7 Note –Best Budget Deal Under 10,000

May 03, 2019

GOME C7 Note –Best Budget Deal Under 10,000

Smartphone maker GOME has entered the Indian market by launching its highly acclaimed GOME C7 Note. The hardware and software combination easily makes it the best budget smartphone of its category. The C7 Note is the upgraded version of the GOME C7 and is built for users seeking an all-rounder smartphone, which can handle all tasks smoothly including intensive processes like gaming continuously for a long time.
We will now hold up GOME C7 Note against smartphones in its price range and the notable features present in them and how GOME C7 Note trumps them.

Bigger Display

When it comes to screen size, users always consider the bigger as the better one. Taking this into consideration, GOME has not compromised in this sector. The GOME C7 Note has a massive5.99-inch screen making it shine among its competitors. Along with the size, it has the best HD+ screen resolution available in the market, making it the top performer among smartphones with 18:9 aspect ratio in this price range.
This smartphone has the perfect combination of aspect ratio, large display, and HD+ screen resolution. Due to these features, users get to experience deep, vivid colors, brighter display, and good viewing angles. The high visual quality of the GOME C7 Note makes watching any video content or playing games on it very pleasurable. This feature alone allows it to be one of the foremost amongst budget mobile phones under 10,000.

Maximum RAM

The GOME C7 Note comes with a 2GB as well as 3 GB RAM. Greater RAM allows the C7 Note to perform multitasking without any glitches. The extra memory also allows the user to keep multiple applications running in the background without slowing down the smartphone.
Graphics-intensive games like PUBG run smoothly without any major frame drops, making this smartphone quite attractive for gamers with a low budget. The high performance it delivers easily makes it the best budget smartphone under 10,000.

Powerful Processor

In this department, GOME has installed the best performing processor of this category. Having a superior Octa-core processor, the C7 Note has powerful processing speeds. With the combination of 3 GB RAM and 2 GHz clock speed, lagging is never a serious issue for this smartphone. The Octa-core processor can handle long hours of multitasking without any serious setbacks in terms of speed.
Hence we can conclude that the GOME C7 Note is the best budget smartphone under 10,000 in India as even online video streaming, downloading large files, or running multiple social media applications at the same time does not pose any difficulty for it.

Camera Setup

Keeping up with the latest trend, Gome C7 Note comes with a triple camera setup. At rear, it has a dual camera, a primary 13 MP and a secondary 5 MP. These allow the smartphone to capture amazing photographs with great details and depth in them. It also has a 5 MP front camera for selfies capturing wonderful selfie moments in proper light conditions.
When it comes to the camera, GOME C7 Note is way ahead of its competitors not only because of the triple cameras, but also due to having important features like Panorama, Bokeh and Scene modes inside it. Thus the GOME C7 Note is one of the best budget camera phone of its price range.

Great Battery

One requirement of every smartphone user is the large battery life of his or her smartphone, as charging always becomes a hassle in our daily hectic schedule. Taking this into account, GOME C7 Note has a large 3500 mAh polymer battery inside it. On a full charge, the C7 Note can easily last for more than a day when used for normal day to day tasks along with regular multitasking.
Although it has a large display, even battery-draining processes like playing or recording videos, surfing or downloading online content, and continuous gaming are possible for long hours on the GOME C7 Note. This feature makes it one of the best budget mobile phones under 10,000.

Privacy With GOME OS

The GOME smartphones come with some extraordinary privacy features, signalling how seriously customer’s privacy is being taken. The C7 Note comes with the latest GOME OS 3.0, which has the “FACE ME” technology. The incoming calls and notifications are secured unless the user’s Face ID is scanned and verified upon which the details get revealed. The smartphone also has the “ME KEY” which is also linked with the face id and locks the screen on a specific photo, stopping anyone to access the other photos in one’s gallery.

Thus we can conclude that the GOME C7 Note easily contends as one of the best budget smartphone under 10,000. The powerful specifications provided inside it with along with its high functionality features have been widely acclaimed by many critics and users. You must certainly consider this option if you are looking for the best budget mobile phone. The C7 Note is available in 2 variants 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM and 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM.

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