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Easy Smartphone Photography tips

Aug 23, 2019

Smartphone photography is a phenomenon that has caught on like wildfire, and fuelling this fire are social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat and improvements in Smartphone camera technology. 

Many smartphone manufacturing brands promote their products with the camera being the main USP. With innovation & critical improvements in camera technology, clicking photos from a smartphone has become quite easy. But, the one thing that is even more important than the camera is the person holding the camera. 

The best camera phone in the world is no good if the person holding it doesn’t know how to get the best out of it. In this blog we will share a few simple tips & tricks that will help you get the best out of your phone camera and help you capture beautiful pictures:

Explore the Camera App:

Yes! the camera app has indeed been designed to make photography simple, but if you want to get more out of your camera, you must know the camera-app inside-out. The camera app has many settings and features which can help improve the quality of images, but more often than not, these settings are never used. 

If you get to know settings like HRD, white balance & exposure etc, you will probably stop using the auto-mode in the camera app. Most phones these days also give you the option to crop and edit the images. Using the editor you can adjust everything from lighting, colour & cropping of the images. 

If you are having a hard time using the default camera app in your phone, you have the option of downloading a good one from the play store.

Use Sunlight effectively:

An important skill one needs to develop as a smartphone photographer is to know how to leverage natural light in the images. Rather than having the sun in front of your camera, try to have it falling on the subject of your image. You can also click beautiful pictures by using the shades created by the sunlight. 

Sunrise, sunsets & twilights make for great photographs. You can use the many features in your camera app to capture amazing images of the sun and edit them to make it look even more beautiful. You can also use the panorama mode to capture not just the sun, but also its horizon. 

Learn how to use the Grid:

Most phone cameras have a grid option, which when switched on splits the screen into 9 square boxes. These girds help you position the subject in a place that makes the image look more structured. 

The rule here is to place the subjects of the image on the intersections of the gridlines, this adds a sense of discipline and order in the pictures. This is however not a hard and fast rule, you can always improvise with the positioning of the subjects and use the grid only as a reference of the frame.

Clean the lenses

This may sound like a slightly silly advice, but it is safe to say that most people don’t bother cleaning their phone lenses before they click a photograph. A little bit of dust or a finger imprint on the lenses can spoil a photograph that otherwise would have been beautiful. 

It is a good habit to clean the lenses before you click a photograph, but be careful to use a soft piece of cloth. Something rough may leave scratches on the surface of the camera lenses. 

Buy the right Camera Phone

There are many good camera phones available in the market, but most of them are quite exorbitant. Looking for an affordable smartphone that also has a great camera is difficult but not impossible, the budget smartphone segment has some great options available when it comes to camera phones. 

For example, Gome Mobiles have a great camera combination in their phone, and they are priced at well below Rs. 10000. The Gome C7 has a combination of sharp 13MP Rear & 5MP Front Camera and the C7-Note sports a 13MP + 5MP dual rear camera along with a 5MP camera on the front.

Last but not least, the one thing that can help you improve your photography skills is experience. Click as many photographs as you can from your phone and you’ll see that in time the quality of your photographs has improved. 

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