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Dual Rear Camera vs Single Rear Camera

Apr 14, 2019

Dual Rear Camera vs Single Rear Camera

2018 has been the year of multiple camera phones. It started with dual rear cameras, then the dual front camera and finally with triple and quadruple camera phones. The primary reason behind the popularity of this setup is the introduction of multiple cameras, each serving a specific purpose. This divides the workload while providing more features at the same time.

The smartphones with a single lens are well equipped to take great photos in suitable conditions. GOME has launched two smartphones, which are amongst the best camera mobile phones in its price category. Today, we are going to discuss both of these smartphones – the GOME C7 Note and GOME C7.


The GOME C7 is the best budget camera phone in the low-cost smartphone segment. It comes with a single 13 MP rear camera and an LED flash. It also has a front-facing 5 MP camera.

The GOME C7 also takes superb shots in different light conditions. The photos are quite bright and the details are nicely captured. With the help of the flash, even close objects can be captured in low light conditions. The decent performance of the camera in both favorable and unfavorable conditions makes it the best camera mobile phone in its price category.

Advantages of Single Rear Camera

The GOME C7  has a single rear camera which also has its own unique advantages.

  1. Affordability – A single camera setup makes for better engineering of the phone while being made at an affordable price, the benefits of which are passed to the consumer.
  2. Superb performance – Given its make and superior engineering and suitable lighting conditions, the single rear camera smartphone will always stand on its own against the dual rear camera smartphone. With proper technique, it can capture photos which are as clear and detailed as those being shot from a dual rear camera smartphone

Thus, we see that the GOME C7 not only stands as the top performer amongst the budget smartphones, it can also compete against other budget smartphones making it the best camera mobile phone in its price range.

GOME C7 Note

The GOME C7 Note is one of the best camera phones under 10,000 in India. It comes with dual rear camera setup. The primary and secondary camera comprises of 13 MP & 5 MP combinations. The secondary camera is used for depth sensing.

Unlike the competitors which only have 2-3 MP secondary camera, the GOME C7 Note shines in this category as the best camera phone under 10,000. It also has an LED flash, which provides more brightness while capturing photos in low light situations.

It also has a 5 MP front camera which takes clear, detailed selfies.

Advantages of Dual Rear Cameras

The GOME C7 Note comes with extra features which are possible with the help of its 5 MP secondary camera.

  1. Bokeh Mode – Bokeh appears in the areas of an image that remain outside the focal region, creating a shallow depth of field through a wide open aperture.
  2. The Increment in Zoom capacity – As both cameras have different focal lengths, the magnification gets increased.
  3. Panorama Mode – Tell the complete story in one shot without any compromises in the image quality.

These features enhance the quality of the captures making them more detailed and visually appealing,  undoubtedly these also make Gome C7 Note the best camera smartphone under 10,000.


Both GOME smartphones, the C7 and C7 Note, are among the best performers in their respective price range that makes each of them the best budget camera phone. With the additional camera settings and features, both these smartphones have attracted the attention of the buyers who are looking for the best camera mobile phone.

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