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5 Simple tips to maintain your Smartphone

Aug 23, 2019

5 Simple tips to maintain your Smartphone 

Smartphone’s are not simple devices, they are pretty much a computer which fits in your hands, and more than ever before, our dependence on this device has increased irreversibly. Like any other gadget, smartphones also need their share of maintenance to keep them running smoothly for a long time.  Maintaining a smartphone is not difficult at all. Anyone comfortable with a smartphone device can easily learn how to maintain it. 

Some basic precautions and a few simple changes in your phone settings can improve the performance of your phone and ensure its longevity. Here is a simple list of things you can do to maintain your smartphone:

Protect & clean frequently. 

There are a handful of things you can do for the external protection of your phone. If you are a “dropper”, i.e. someone who keeps dropping his/her phone, it is a wise idea to get a case that is strong enough to survive the drop! 

There are also screen covers available in the market, which are useful for protecting your phone screen from scratches and dust etc. For cleaning your phone you should use a soft piece of cloth that can clean the screen and the body without leaving any scratches. Once in a while, you should also remove the case and clean the dust that gets inside.

Update OS & Apps, Remove unnecessary Apps

Be it an operating system or Apps that you use frequently, make sure to use the latest available versions. The latest version often contains bug fixes that help improve the performance of the app or operating system. If your phone does not update automatically, you can check for updates manually through the settings option.

If you unlock your phone right now and check all the apps that are there, you’ll find many that you have never used and some that you have used just once or twice. Although dormant, these apps keep running in the background, and not only do they drain your battery but they also slow down your phone by quite a bit. 

You can improve the performance of your phone by simply uninstalling the apps that you don’t use often. There are some apps that cannot be uninstalled; such apps generally come pre-installed with the phone. For such apps, you have the provision of disabling them from the settings option. 

Keep an eye on the battery

The Battery is the one hardware component of your phone which you can easily maintain. If your phone has a detachable battery (Like most Android Phones) you should clean the battery and the battery posts every once in a while. 

By monitoring your battery usage and tweaking a few settings in your phone you can easily improve the battery performance. Simple changes like turning down the screen brightness, disabling vibrations, using Wi-Fi more than mobile data & shutting down apps that are not being used etc can enhance battery performance. 

To maintain your phone battery over the long run you should avoid charging it too frequently, and every once in a while you must allow it to discharge completely. 

Delete unnecessary files 

Your phone has more files that you think it has. Over a period of time a lot of files accumulate in your phone and many of these files cannot be found easily (e.g. temporary Cache files). These files occupy a lot of storage space on your phone which can otherwise be used to save other important files. Deleting these files can free up a lot of internal storage space. 

Another great way to free up the internal memory of your phone is to use an external SD card. Many phones these days give an option of expandable memory, for example, the Gome C7 has 16 GB internal memory plus a 64 GB expandable memory. By storing heavy files like videos and high-resolution images in the expandable memory, you can free up the internal memory and improve the performance of your phone. 

Watch what you download

Whatever you download on your phone, be it a new app or any kind of media file, make sure that the source of the file is legitimate. Downloading apps or files from unsecured sources makes your phone vulnerable to viruses & malware. We hope that you’ll find these tips useful for maintaining your phone and improving its performance. The Gome Blog is our endeavour to reach all smartphone users and help them with valuable advice to enhance their mobile experience. If you have any suggestions or recommendations regarding our blog, please feel free to write to us. 

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