IF World Design Guide Award 2017

GOME OS 3.0 : Makes Your Phone Completely Private

Face Me - Let your calls be just yours

Be the real boss of your phone as you are the only one who can view an incoming call information i.e., the caller name & number.

Face Me - Keeping the privacy of notifications intact

Let no one but you read through your notifications during the lock screen with the Face-Me feature


Show any photo of yours on your GOME mobile phone to your friend without any worries of him swiping through to the next one.

Award winning OS

Gome Telecom Equipment Co. Ltd
Awarded with
“Communication Design Award 2018”

24 International Jury members selected GOME against 45 Participating Countries with more than 8,600 entries.

The versatile nature and flexible architecture of Android makes it an operating system of choice for most of the phones available these days. Gome phones have an Android v8.1 (oreo) operating system, which in combination with Gome OS 3.0, gives Gome phones an optimized user experience and makes it one of the most sought after brands in the budget phone segment.

Having been awarded the “Communication Design Award 2018” by Reddot, the Gome OS 3.0 adds another dimension to Gome phones. It is the Gome OS 3.0 that drives the defining security and privacy features in Gome phone, for which, it is often called #MostPrivateSmartphone.